Focusing On Clean Living

Preparations You Should Make When Hosting An Outdoor Festival Or Fair

Hosting an outdoor festival or fair can be a great way to make a bit of money while bringing the community together, but it does pose a few sanitation challenges. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your outdoor festival to make sure everything stays as clean as possible.

Create Several Restroom Areas

Even if the park or outdoor facility your event is being hosted at has some indoor restrooms, you should consider creating a few outdoor restrooms. This will keep the lines and the mess to a minimum in the indoor restrooms. To create the outdoor restroom areas, line up several portable toilets and hand washing stations. You should also provide several trash receptacles in this area so people can throw away paper towels and other items instead of tossing them on the ground. 

Rent Extra Dumpsters

The amount of trash produced at festivals and fairs may surprise a lot of people. In 2013, the average American produced 4.4 pounds of trash each day. When people spend an entire day at a fair or festival, you can expect that the 4.4 pounds of trash will end up in your dumpsters. Dumpster rentals help you to manage the waste at your event so you won't have as much to clean up once all of the visitors have left.

Create Recycling Areas

Going green by recycling can help to reduce the amount of trash that goes into your dumpsters. You can rent portable recycling centers that let your visitors dispose of plastic bottles, paper cups and foil wrappers in the proper receptacles for recycling. Be sure to station these recycling bins throughout the festival grounds. If people have to seek the recycling containers out, they aren't going to be as willing to use them.

Stay On Top Of The Mess

Hire a crew of temporary workers to help keep up with trash collection and cleaning throughout the event. These people can be responsible for picking up litter off the ground, emptying trash cans, transporting waste to the dumpsters and keeping the outdoor restroom areas clean and tidy. The more aggressive you are with cleaning, the less damage and mess you'll need to contend with later.

Festivals offer a great way for the community to come together and celebrate a wide variety of occasions, but ensuring proper sanitation is critical to make these events successful. Create a plan using these concepts to ensure that every aspect of your event is clean and tidy. Contact a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc to see what kinds of portable dumpsters and restrooms they have to offer.