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Keeping Animals Away From Your Dumpster

If you live in a rural area and you have the need for a dumpster on your property regularly, you are at risk for animal break-ins if you do not take precautionary steps to keep them out of the container. There are several ways to keep wildlife away from your dumpster so your trash will remain inside until it is picked up. Here are some tips in keeping animals away from your dumpster.

Mask Heavy Odor

Animals try to get inside dumpsters to find food to eat. Masking the smell of food with other fragrances will keep animals from trying to get inside. Dip cotton balls inside peppermint oil and throw them directly into your dumpster to freshen the smell inside. Rodents do not like the smell of peppermint and will stay away from the area completely. Citrus peels will help remove the odor inside a dumpster while leaving the interior with a pleasing scent instead.

Prepare Your Trash

Before putting trash in your dumpster, spray the interior of each garbage bag with vinegar. This is a natural deterrent that will help eliminate or neutralize odor within your dumpster. Tie each bag and then slip it into another one so smells are less likely to be emitted into the air. Spray the exterior of the outside bags with vinegar as well. Consider making a compost pile to place on your property for food items that are biodegradable. This will minimize your trash and some of the food animals may be trying to get inside to eat. 

Add Deterrents

Making animals believe people or other animals are near the dumpster will help keep them from trying to get inside. Put a talk station on a battery-powered radio and set it down near your dumpster each night to keep animals from getting too close. Motion-activated lighting will scare animals away from the area as soon as they turn on. Place a few decoys such as owls or snakes near the dumpster to scare away smaller animals. Hang a few compact discs from trees near the dumpster. Larger birds that try eating garbage, such as crows, are afraid of sparkling items.

Put Weight On Top

Keep the lid to your dumpster closed when you are not using it. Place cinder blocks or bricks on top of the lid to keep larger animals from getting inside. It may be a bit more work to get the lid open to place things inside, but you will enjoy not having your trash strewn around your property. Purchase a chain to wrap around the dumpster for cases where large bear, raccoons, or other larger animals are getting inside. Talk with a local sanitation company, like Western Disposal, for more tips.