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Foul Odors Invading Your Home? 3 Ways To Eliminate Septic Odors

There is probably nothing worse than the smell of raw sewage wafting through your home from your septic tank. You have it pumped every three to five years. You've careful about what you send through the drains and you still end up with the horrible odor in your home. You don't have to live with it. Here are several tricks you can use to rid your home of septic odor.

Clean the Drains

After septic pumping, drain cleaning is the second most important step you can take to eliminate septic odors. This is particularly true if your septic tank has experienced a back-up in the past. Back-ups occur when raw sewage comes back up through the drain pipes and into your home – usually through the bathtub. There are two simple ways to clean your drains.

Professional Cleaning

If you haven't had your drains professionally cleaned, you should have that done as soon as possible. Tiny particles of things like human waste, food and virtually everything else you've flushed through to the septic tank are deposited in your drain pipes. When they're professionally cleaned, a plumber will come out and use pressurized water to remove the build-up. It's a good idea to have your drains professionally cleaned at least once a year.

DIY Cleaning

This simple treatment will clean your drains and freshen your septic tank at the same time. Fill a bucket with hot water. Add 16 ounces of vinegar and ½ cup of dish detergent. Pour the solution down the drain. Repeat the process on each drain in your home. Use this method once a month to eliminate odors.

Keep the pH Levels Constant

There is bacteria living in your septic tank. That bacteria helps decompose the waste. When the bacteria starts to die, the pH level in your septic tank gets out of balance. When that happens, you may start noticing an increase in septic odors. You can keep the pH level balanced by adding a box of baking soda to your septic once a week. In addition to balancing the pH in your septic, it will also help neutralize odors that are present in the drain pipes.

You don't want to deal with foul odors in your home, especially when they're coming up through the drain pipes. If you've recently had your septic tank pumped by a septic tank service company and you're still dealing with foul odors, use these simple remedies to clean your drain pipes, restore balance to your septic and eliminate septic odors.