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Why You Need A Dumpster: Risks Of Illegal Dumping

If you have a big building or remodeling project coming up and you aren't budgeting for a dumpster, you should make certain that you have a safe place to dump your trash. There are some who believe that trash can be dumped anywhere that seems abandoned, especially if there is already refuse in the area. However, there are many issues that come along with illegal dumping:

You Could End Up Paying a Fine

Dumping illegally is a felony in some states. Those who are caught often have to pay large fines. In states where illegal dumping is a major issue, it is possible that recurrent offenders could face jail time. You also risk losing the vehicle that you used to illegally dump your trash.

Serious Health Risks

Dumping illegally can also pose serious health risks to both humans and wildlife. Certain items that are dumped can cause injuries, such as nails, sharp boards, and rusty metal debris. If these items injure someone, it is likely they would need a trip to the emergency department for a tetanus shot or other forms of treatment.

Animal life is also highly affected by illegal dumping. They can become entangled in old rope, string, or wire, which can cause them to become seriously injured and even killed. Some animals may mistake your trash for food and ingest something that is deadly to them. This can be especially common with certain chemicals, like antifreeze, which can be very attractive to animals.

There is also a risk of polluting the environment. If you are dumping out old paint cans, empty aerosol containers, or any other vessel that held a chemical, those items can eventually leech into the ground and streams. This could eventually lead to polluted groundwater for both humans and animals.

Other Major Issues Caused By Illegal Dumping

In addition to the health risks and potentially high fines, there are a number of other problems that can arise from illegal dumping. For example, the potential for forest fires becomes much more likely. Some construction debris are very flammable, such as old insulation. One spark and there could be catastrophic damage to the wild.

Regular trash dumping can also eventually plug up a waterway. Trash can accumulate over time and cause a stream or creek to become backlogged, causing major problems with the ecosystem. Water can become backed up and ruin any nesting wildlife, as well as affect the ability of fish to move up or down stream.

Illegal dumping has so many ramifications, so it is best to remain safe than sorry. When you are ready to work on your construction project, make sure to budget a dumpster rental in your plans. It can end up saving you money.

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