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2 Ways To Keep Your Septic Tank From Overflowing

One of the biggest problems that comes from owning a septic tank is making sure that it does not overflow. A septic tank that overflows can easily lead to many thousands of dollars worth of damages due to the flooding it can cause in your yard and the plumbing. However, by emptying the tank and flushing only appropriate items down the drain, you can keep your septic tank from overflowing. 

Emptying The Tank

One of easiest ways to keep a septic tank from overflowing is to simply make sure that you have a service pump the tank for you on a fairly regular basis. In most cases, you should have the tank emptied every few years, unless you have a large household or have a garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, it is important to have the tank pumped more often as not all of the items that you put down a garbage disposal will break down quickly enough to keep the tank from overflowing.

Another reason as to why it is so important to make sure that you empty the tank out regularly is because a septic tank doesn't really have a system in place to let you know when it is full. In most cases, your only warning that the septic tank has a problem is when waste backs up into your house or your yard is already flooded with waste. However, by emptying the tank regularly, you make it much less likely that an overflow will occur.

Flush Only Appropriate Items

Finally, you can keep your septic tank from overflowing by making sure that you and your family only flush appropriate items down the drains. Appropriate items would include any product that is listed as septic-safe. Septic-safe products can include everything from tissue and paper towels to cat litter, and are designed to break down much quicker than their normal counterparts.

When flushing anything else down the drain, you will want to make sure that you do not flush anything that is unlikely to break down quickly or that will not break down at all. For example, cloth, bones, metal, and plastic are all items that can cause a lot of damage to your septic system, while also potentially causing the septic tank's drainage pipe to become plugged.

Speak to a septic service, such as Southwest Environmental, today in order to discuss how to properly care for and maintain your septic system. Flushing only those items that will break down quickly and emptying the tank regularly can save you a lot of money in potential repairs by reducing the risk that your septic tank will overflow.